Gallipolis Deep Secrets
On his latest underwater quest the discoverer of the Titanic, Dr. Robert Ballard, explores one of the greatest turning points of the 20th century. In what was to become one of the bloodiest and most futile battles of the modern era, Ballard wants to find out why it went so horribly wrong. But the answers lie not on the battlefields but beneath the waves.

Ballard reveals the story of Gallipoli as it has never been told before. Notorious as a land campaign, Ballard is looking for evidence at the bottom of the sea. There he finds shipwrecks from a David and Goliath contest where the might of an Allied fleet was outwitted by a weakened Ottoman Empire, unleashing a terrible carnage where hundreds of thousands of young lives would be wasted. By the end of his journey, Ballard has uncovered that every catastrophic turn of the Gallipoli campaign can be traced back to events at sea.
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