Surviving Mumbai

Survivors of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks tell how modern communications saved them - and aided the men who were hunting them
Nominated for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Research, The 31st Annual Emmy Awards for News and Documentary, 2010. Selected for Screening at La Femme Film Festival 2010, California On 26th November 2008, ten young Pakistani men sailed into Mumbai, India's thriving financial heart and home of the Bollywood film industry. The men were armed with AK47s, grenades and plastic explosives, as well as satellite phones and global positioning systems connecting them to their controllers. They spread out across the city. Quick fire strikes on the Victoria Station Railway Station, the busiest train terminus in India, the legendary Leopold Cafe and Cama Hospital saw more than a hundred dead in only an hour. But this was just the beginning.... The gunmen had come for a longer engagement, in targets chosen to grab and hold the world's attention: the historic Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, the ultra modern 5 star Oberoi-Trident Hotel and Jewish Community centre, Nariman House. Sixty hours later, the Indian security forces brought the attacks to a close. 1 hour documentary in co-production with Furnace Limited (UK) for ABC, ABC Commercial, Channel Four (UK), History Channel (UK), Thirteen and WNET/PBS (USA), Discovery Asia and CBC (Canada) Awards: Certificate of Merit, Documentary: Social Political, 2010 Hugo Television Awards, 46th Chicago International Film Festival. Nominated for Outstanding Historical Programming, The 31st Annual Emmy Awards for News and Documentary, 2010.
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