Super Flu: Hunt for the Killer Flu

In 1997 the bird fly virus spread like wildfire through the chicken coops of Hong Kong. Then to the shock of scientists it spread to humans. It has now killed over 60 people in SE Asia and many scientists fear it could spark the next global pandemic. Superflu: Race Against a Killer follows an international team of virus hunters who first identified the deadly microbe H5N1 and are now attempting to get it under control. If they fail, we look at what would happen in the worst-case scenario where many millions die, hospitals are overwhelmed and society as we know it comes to a standstill. Distributed to over 20 countries worldwide by National Geographic International. AWARDS Outstanding Achievement Award Editing, Western Australian Screen Awards 2006 Bronze Chris Award, Columbus International Film & Video Festival 2006
Year: 2005
Editor: Meredith Watson Jeffrey
Director: Stefan Moore
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